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Frodrick Gray (born Frodrick Gray; February 29, 1976) is the Twin Earth equivalent of Maxwell Greyson [c], who is the main character in the book Good Reception [a].

Frodrick Gray and Maxwell Greyson [f] are identical and equivalent in many different ways, but have one notable difference: Maxwell Greyson [b] frequently drinks coffee [k], while Frodrick Gray frequently drinks a coffee-like liquid known only as XYZ.

Note [1]: Both Maxwell Greyson [f] and Frodrick Gray drink tap water [a].


Quotes Attributed to Frodrick Gray

The following quotes are attributed to Frodrick Gray in the book Good Reception [a].

“Forgive me my nonsense, as I also forgive those who think that they talk sense.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 1 [a]

“I do what I get and get what I do. Do you get it? O if only I could hoist this torch on the highest of tree branches it would light thy path!”
-Good Reception, Chapter 1 [a]

“To conform inwardly is to deviate; to deviate inwardly is to conform. Conform to what? To the deviation, of course, or lack thereof.”
-Good Reception, Chapter 2 [a]


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